About The Abattoir

P349 (Pty) Ltd bought the Carletonville Abattoir in November 2019 and started slaughtering in December 2019.  The GOOD Abattoir is (up to now) the only fully compliant rabbit abattoir in South Africa.  As for now it has the capacity to slaughter 2000 rabbits per day.  The abattoir is situated near Carletonville, more or less 80km South-West of Johannesburg.

Our GOOD Abattoir liaise closely with RASA (Rabbit Association of South Africa) and other role players involved in the Rabbit Industry.   

Our Vision

Sharing Goodness

Our Values

We embrace GOOD values and high standards:
We will strive towards and live out values such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness and caring.
We want to be known in the Rabbit Industry as people that do things “On time, at standard, with no wastage and with joy”.

Our Mission


We buy rabbits from GOOD farmers; respect and value our producer’s; liaise with SARPA (South African Rabbit Producers Association); buy their quality produce at a fair, sustainable price and serve them in such a way that P349 will be their business partner of choice.


We process rabbits at our GOOD abattoir; comply with all relevant and applicable food safety standards, regulations and certifications; create sustainable job opportunities;
Invest in our employees and their well-being, and add value through portioning and attractive, professional packaging.


We sell our GOOD quality and user-friendly products through a skilled and professional marketing team, by opening up local, national and international markets; by educating consumers on the health benefits of rabbit meat and by focusing on client preferences and satisfaction.


We invest in a new generation of GOOD commercial farmers. This is necessary for the rabbit industry to become a recognized and valued commodity that provides sustainable job and farming opportunities that stimulates the rural economy; earning foreign valuta, and  substantially contributes to local, national and global food security.