Frequently Asked Questions

Rabbit farming is not a quick and easy way of making lots of money. You need to love it and do it professionally (on time; high standard; no wastage; with joy) or leave it. Get a market first, before you start producing. The quality of your breeding stock as wel as the ongoing improvement thereof is very crucial. Good management; informed decisions based on the habit of “measure to know”; and the necessary infrastructure to farm humanely are also very important. Surround yourself with knowledgeable people – become a member of RASA (Rabbit Association of South Africa). To contact RASA, send an email to:

We buy first and foremost from CORPA members, because we need to be sure that the rabbits we bought are produced in a humane way and that all the applicable standards are adhered to.  For example, no antibiotics or growth stimulants are allowed. If you want to supply rabbits to the abattoir, talk to us long before the time.  We do our best to stimulate production in accordance with the demand. If demand allows, we will gladly buy rabbits from you if you adhere to standards.

No, we do portioning as well. 

Rabbit meat is so popular in many countries that you can easily get recipe’s on many Facebook profiles or google: